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A gospel ringtones  is a digital audio file containing a condensed version of a musical composition, created especially for a cell phone. gospel ringtones can be programmed to play on a cell phone, instead of the normal phone ringer, to announce an incoming call. This feature was originally developed so that people would be able to recognize when their phone was ringing amongst other cell phones.

When gospel ringtones first arrived, cell phones were only capable of producing very simple gospel ringtones , also known as monophonic gospel ringtones. The tunes being played consisted of a series of sequential beeps or tones because early cell phones could only generate one beep or tone at a time. At best, these early gospel ringtones were able to mimic a melody.

Gospel ringtones
s rely on the computing power of the cell phone. The common gospel ringtones  was programmed through a computing language called Ringing Tone Text Transfer Language (RTTTL) format, developed by Nokia. Different cell phones use different systems for encoding gospel ringtones s, but most can be delivered directly to the phone as part of an SMS system.r?